First Polypad Art Contest

People around the world have used Polypad to create beautiful pieces of art, interactive puzzles, or interesting visualisations of mathematical ideas. We want to see what you or your students can do!

All students up to the age of 18 are invited to submit their best Polypad creations by 26 May 2022 – this could include artwork, games, puzzles, or anything else you can come up with. Winners will be announced on 17 June 2022.

Who Can Enter?

Any student up to the age of 18 can enter, and winners will be selected in three categories:

Every student may only submit one Polypad canvas. For students under the age of 15, the submission form should be completed by a parent or guardian. To enter, send us the link to a Polypad canvas using the submission form. You have to create a free Mathigon account to save your work, and this video shows teachers how to get started.

What are the Prizes?

Prizes will be awarded to the top 10 entries in each of the three categories:

Our panel of judges includes Mathigon founder Philipp Legner, Mathigon Director of Content David Poras, Math Teacher Lounge host Bethany Lockhart Johnson, Amplify Curriculum Lead Kristin Gray, and Amplify’s Chief Academic Officer, STEM, Jason Zimba.

Getting Started and Inspiration

New to Polypad? Take a look at our tutorials, user guides and webinar recordings at The geometry tutorial page provides an overview of many of tiles that may helpful in creating art, and our recent webinar on Puzzles, Games, and Art might spark some ideas. Here are some more examples:

The Fine Print

Please read our terms and conditions, and visit out FAQ page if you have any question.